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We are not the couch-locked stoner caricature sketched by politicians with a hidden agenda and a lack of imagination. We are diverse. We are free thinkers. We are achievers. And we are not here to scare your parents. We believe that cannabis is more than just a plant. Above all, we believe that cannabis is a catalyst to experience, to curiosity, to culture, to the community, and to health. It’s not about the plant. It’s about what you choose to do with it. Mail Order Marijuana, Buy Weed Online, Buy Recreational Weed Online, Buy Marijuana Online, Buy Cannabis Buds online, Order Medical Marijuana Buds Online safely and discreetly to your doorstep. Green Ganja House makes it possible for cannabis users to widely mail order marijuana discreetly to their preferred locations. Place your Order Today!

Green Ganja House exists to empower our users to use cannabis to transform their bodies, minds and souls.



Green Ganja House makes it possible for cannabis users to widely mail order marijuana discreetly to their preferred locations. Place your Order Today!

What is a Sativa?

Sativas, are known for their invigorating mental effects. There are usually uplifting and stimulating. If you’ve ever smoked or ingested cannabis that makes everything funny and puts you in a great mood, it was probably from a Sativa strain. It creates a feeling of comfort, non-drowsy, and usually introspective highs. The effects of smoking or ingesting a Sativa makes them particularly popular among artists and creatives. The most popular medicinal benefits range from treating mental and behavioral problems to treating depression, stress, and ADHD.

What is an Indica?

Indica strains produce effects that are relaxing and narcotic-like, typically providing a full-body, or “couch-locked” effect. Therefore the major difference between Sativa’s and Indica’s is while a Sativa can make you feel alert, active, and aware, an Indica will have a relaxing feel on the body. The physical effects of an Indica strain commonly include a drowsy and mellow mood with stress and pain relief. This makes  Indica ideal for chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, appetite stimulation, and sleep deprivation. Indica’s are also commonly used for treating Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia and Lupus.

Why Choose Hybrid?

The benefits of smoking or ingesting a Hybrid strain are simply as follows. Hybrid’s offer the best of both worlds combining several qualities of each containing strain. Some hybrids are Indica dominant, which will offer pain relief and/or mellow mood, however, may contain up to 50% Sativa so it will not make you too drowsy. Other’s may offer a Sativa dominant strain, which will encompass several calming benefits and pain relief, but also give a mellow, yet energetic high.

Why use Green Ganja House?

We offer a guaranteed, reliable medicinal marijuana buying and shipping experience for our members. There are still thousands of people who don’t live in areas that are served by local dispensaries such as New York and Los Angeles. We offer mail order marijuana in America that is both fast and discreet and always include tracking numbers. Mail Order Medical Marijuana from  Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary –  Green Ganja House

The World of Hybrids

Hybrids can be broken down into three basic groups:

• Sativa-dominant hybrids combine sativa’s cerebral high with indica’s relaxing body effect. Headband, Alien Girl, Juicy Fruit, Sour Diesel, and Purple Trainwreck are a few examples.

• Indica-dominant hybrids provide pain relief with a soothing head high. Afgooey, Girl Scout Cookies, Tahoe OG, Skywalker OG, and Purple Urkle are examples.

• Balanced hybrids combine the best of both worlds into one smoke with 50/50 indica/sativa genetics. Examples include White Widow, Blue Dream, Purple Diesel, and Super Silver Haze.

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A third major type of cannabis, cannabis ruderalis, is a feral form of hemp native to Russia. It is non-psychoactive, as in the THC level is too low to get you high. It’s widely debated whether it’s a sub-species of Cannabis Sativa, but most people accept it as its own species. It’s not often discussed or used for recreational purposes because it’s non-psychoactive, but it has been used historically to treat depression.

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