Bud and Breakfast: A 420 Friendly Place to Smoke July 4, 2018 – Posted in: Marijuana Lifestyle

Bud and Breakfast: A 420-Friendly Place to Smoke

In the summertime when bud and breakfast are all gold. Americans and wine lovers flood to the area of Niagara on the Lake located in Ontario, Canada to stay at one of the many bed and breakfasts. Unfortunately trying to book accommodations can become quite frustrating after springtime as prices double and vacancy becomes extremely limited.

With the legalization of marijuana nationwide in Canada. It’s likely that we’ll see a flood of tourists looking to go to Canada for some 420 fun. The downside is that many hotels and accommodations are unlikely to allow pot smoking on the premises.

This has given rise to the concept of the “Bud and Breakfast”. Similar to a bed and breakfast, these 420-friendly accommodations will allow patrons to smoke up to their heart’s content.

Cannabis users staying at a bed and breakfast can relax in a pot-friendly environment that may include. Indoor and/or outdoor smoking, lounges, and even supply guests with cannabis, vaporizers, and delicious edibles.

This is nothing new in the states where marijuana is legalized. BudandBreakfast.com is a website that provides listings for weed-friendly accommodations that range from $40-$450 USD/night.


Some listings provide a supply of marijuana strains and products that can that are shared among guests. Since it is illegal to distribute marijuana, owners typically include it as part of their stay. Of course, guests are free to bring their own supplies.

In Colorado, a former Wall Street lawyer Joel Schneider made $1 million in his first year from managing 3 of his bud and breakfasts.

His first weed-friendly accommodation was a six-bedroom Victorian home which ranged from $299 to $399 per night and has attracted former NFL players to musicians.

Patrons at his Bud a Breakfasts can expect a free “wake and bake” breakfast, typical bacon, eggs, waffles along with a side order of marijuana.

Another Denver owner opened up a Bud & Breakfast which attracted an older crowd of 50+ who were more interested in the therapeutic value of cannabis than the psychoactive effects.

A survey performed by the Colorado Tourism Office found that 48% of all tourism was cannabis-related and Hotels.com reported a 64% increase in lodging after cannabis was legalized in 2014.

As pot is legalized throughout Canada. It’s likely tourists will be flocking south of the border to take advantage of cannabis shops. Since it will be illegal to smoke weed in public spaces and in vehicles. This may give rise to a new 420 tourism industry also referred to as canna tourism.