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canada dispensary prices The Changing Landscape of Canadian Wholesale Cannabis Prices

canada dispensary prices

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canada dispensary prices

The Canadian cannabis market has experienced significant fluctuations in wholesale prices over the past few years. In 2022, wholesale prices tumbled by more than 40%, primarily due to oversupply and excess capacity in the industry. As a result, high-quality cannabis flower became widely available and was sold well below the marginal cost of production. This downward trend in wholesale prices has continued into 2023, with some experts predicting further declines. In this article, we will explore the factors contributing to the falling wholesale prices, the impact on different categories of cannabis products, and the outlook for the future. canada dispensary prices

Factors Driving Wholesale Price Declines

Oversupply and Excess Capacity

One of the main factors driving the decline in wholesale cannabis prices in Canada is the oversupply and excess capacity in the market. Licensed producers and cultivators have been grappling with stubborn supply gluts, leading to a surplus of cannabis products. This oversupply has resulted in intense competition among producers, forcing them to lower their prices in order to move their inventory. As a result, high-quality cannabis flower has become widely available at prices well below the cost of production.

Industry Consolidation and License Exits

To mitigate the oversupply issue and stabilize the market, some licensed producers have chosen to exit the industry. This consolidation has helped reduce the overall supply of cannabis, leading to a potential easing of the oversupply situation. Additionally, remaining cultivators have been adjusting their growing volumes to better match the demand, which could help rebalance the market. However, it remains to be seen whether these measures will be sufficient to counteract the downward pressure on wholesale prices.

Impact of Taxes and Retail Prices

High taxes imposed on cannabis products have also contributed to the falling wholesale prices. The heavy tax burden has squeezed profit margins for producers and wholesalers, making it challenging to maintain higher price points. Furthermore, lower retail prices have put additional downward pressure on wholesale prices. As retailers strive to attract customers and compete in a saturated market, they often lower their prices, forcing wholesalers to adjust their pricing accordingly.

Effects on Different Categories of Cannabis Products

Price Declines Based on THC Content

The Canadian Cannabis Exchange (CCX) facilitates transactions for different indices based on THC content. The price declines have varied across these indices, with flower containing lower THC content experiencing more significant declines. For instance, flower with THC scores in the 15%-20% range (Index 3) traded at a weighted average price of CA$0.29 per gram in 2022, representing a decrease of approximately 62% compared to 2021. On the other hand, flower with 30%-plus THC content has been more stable, finishing 2022 between CA$1.95 and CA$2.12 per gram in four out of the five months it was published.

Terpene Profiles and Buyer Preferences

While THC content remains a crucial factor in determining the price of cannabis, terpene profiles are gaining increasing importance among buyers. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis that contribute to its distinct flavors and aromas. Buyers are becoming more interested in unique terpene profiles, and cultivators who can offer these sought-after profiles may have an advantage in the market. Staying ahead of trends and offering cultivars with unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles can help cultivators differentiate themselves and potentially command higher prices.

The Outlook for Wholesale Cannabis Prices

Further Gluts of Supply and Price Declines

Industry experts and cannabis producers anticipate further gluts of supply in the Canadian market, which could drive prices down even further. The increasing number of cannabis producers, coupled with ongoing consolidation and closures of facilities, contribute to this expectation. As more producers exit the market or liquidate their inventory, artificially deflated prices are likely to persist. This presents challenges for wholesalers who are trying to establish themselves in the market but may struggle to compete with the lower prices resulting from these liquidation events.

Survival and Differentiation for Craft-Scale Producers

Craft-scale producers face particular challenges in the current market environment. With average wholesale prices for medium-quality cannabis hovering around a dollar per gram, many craft-scale producers find it difficult to cover their production costs. Survival for these producers may depend on their ability to differentiate themselves by offering higher-quality products or unique terpene profiles. Craft cultivators and small businesses are advised to remain lean and adapt to market trends to increase their chances of survival.

Emerging Opportunities for High-Quality Flower

Despite the overall downward trend in wholesale prices, there are emerging opportunities for high-quality flower. Buyers are actively seeking out high-quality cannabis, and some are willing to pay slightly above-market prices to secure reliable growers. This presents an opportunity for cultivators who can consistently produce high-quality flower to establish strong relationships with buyers. However, it’s important for growers to adapt to the market’s changing demands and stay ahead of trends to remain competitive.


The Canadian wholesale cannabis market has experienced significant price declines in recent years due to oversupply, excess capacity, and other factors. These declines have impacted different categories of cannabis products, with flower containing lower THC content seeing more significant price decreases. However, there are opportunities for cultivators who can differentiate themselves by offering unique terpene profiles and high-quality flower. As the market continues to evolve, staying ahead of trends and adapting to changing buyer preferences will be crucial for the success of cannabis producers and wholesalers in Canada.

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