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Just as the name, this amazing marijuana strain is as good as its name, probably like the name of your favorite cereal, Fruit Loops Strain also known as “Fruit Loop Haze” is a delicious fruity strain that was created by not just two or three but rather four highly potent strains together, namely Blueberry, Grape Fruit, White Widow, and Blue Dream. 

Two parents – the White Widow and Blue Dream – are both hybrids, leaning ever so slightly towards the Sativa end of the pool. Blueberry is a powerful Indica, and Grapefruit is an equally formidable sativa. Together, these four strains blend together their main fruity floral flavors to produce the dazzling aroma and eye-popping bag appeal that comes with an order of Fruit Loops strain. All these are top-shelf strains in their own right, and each of them passes on distinctive traits to make Fruit Loops strain a standout

THC Content

This balanced strain brings about an energizing and thought-stimulating mindset. The delicious strain leans only slightly towards the Indica side and contains an indica-to-sativa ratio of 55:45. This, combined with between 18% and 20% THC content means that the strain is quite powerful and not something to be taken lightly.

Especially because of its potency, Fruit Loops is quite often prescribed as a medicinal strain and is commonly used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, social anxiety, stress, depression, and nausea.


Fruit Loop strain is not like other highly potent Indica dominant strains, Fruit Loops strain’s high doesn’t immediately hit you from the first hit, but as you indulge in a second puff before you feel a mounting pressure around the eyes and temples as the high start to set in gradually which usually starts as a gentle head high, a smile may creep in and eyelids may start to droop as users begin to feel at ease with their surroundings. Users generally report feeling energized in the short term. Therefore, if you’re feeling a little tired during the afternoon, a few puffs of Fruit Loops could help get you through the mini-slump.

As expected from Indica-dominant strains, a couple of things are inevitable such as dry mouth and red eyes which are common side effects. Bet this is a small price for you to pay for the intense effect you are going to get from this herb. The euphoria is perfect for setting the tone for parties or gatherings with friends. Users report feeling extremely happy and content. Fruit Loop strain fills you up with positivity and uplifting thoughts. Fruit Loops just makes it easy and almost automatic to mingle and jive with every kind of person. And as though its name wasn’t enough to induce an episode of memory gag. The effects of the herb itself might get you ruminating about some good old days.


Fruit Loops strain also has various applications for medical cannabis patients. Its sedative effects can be an effective analgesic for aches and pains, both temporary and chronic. Anti-inflammatory properties may also soothe headaches or nausea. Psychologically speaking, the Fruit Loops strain can temporarily numb the unpleasant symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. In high enough doses, the strain can relieve insomnia, drawing users into a deep and restful sleep. Because it lacks the cerebral “mind race” of some other hybrids. Fruit Loops may be a good strain for patients with panic disorders or with a low tolerance for THC.


The aroma of the Fruit Loop strain has everything you would expect from a strain named after the famous, sugar-filled breakfast cereal. The Fruit Loops strain provides a pleasant combination of the bright tropical aroma of berries and citrus. The double dose of Blueberry is most obvious here, with hints of skunkiness. Breaking open or grinding the buds yields notes of hash and incense, presumably passed on from grandparent strain Afghani. When combusted, Fruit Loops’ complex mix of terpenes can give off thick and cough-inducing smoke. On the exhale, though, this smoke tastes sugary-sweet and hangs on the palate with a touch of spice.


Several different fruits can be quite easily identified, including grapefruit, blueberries, and even lemons and oranges. In fact, smoking it is surprisingly like eating from a bag of sticky candies on a hot summer day in the park with your friends. The aroma becomes quite spicy on the exhale. Though a sweet sugary aftertaste will linger in your throat for hours to come.


Much like its parents, the Fruit Loops strain also has an appealing and eye-catching appearance. Fruit Loops touts very noticeable nugs with rich-colored leaves and dazzling, glittering trichomes. It has large flowers that are present in a typical Indica formation. The silvery and translucent luster from its trichomes is due to its White Widow origin which gives it its stickiness as well. Its buds are a deep sage covered with orange hairs, breathing fire and dynamism to the buds’ natural look. Altogether, you get one heck of a colorful herb.


The Fruit Loops strain is yet another delicious option for cannabis lovers looking to treat themselves to something sweet. This combination of four strains is fairly potent. Can help improve your mood and possibly manage pain as a symptom of numerous conditions.

Fruit Loops is great for people who just want to relax and unwind. For those who might be challenged with negative or sad thoughts. It can uplift the mood and give the positivity you so direly need. Those that struggle with social situations may also benefit from the conversation starter effect it has and may even temporarily help in longstanding body aches and discomfort. 

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