IN COLORADO, MEDICAL MARIJUANA SHOP ARE MORE THAN STARBUCKS LOCATIONS BY 3 TO 1 July 4, 2018 – Posted in: Marijuana Facts, Marijuana Lifestyle, Marijuana News


After years of marginalization, medical marijuana shop is gathering great acceptance across the country and it is becoming a huge business in the states that have accepted it as a more natural and gentle medication for people suffering from sicknesses like glaucoma, HIV, and cancer. 14 states, including Michigan, have decriminalized marijuana for medical use. And more states are considering the passage of bills to begin programs on medical marijuana. The nation’s capital might join their groups since the Council of Columbia unanimously legalized and regulated the appetite-inducing and pain-soothing drug.

The administration of Obama and the United States Department of Justice said in 2015 that they would not follow up cases against medical marijuana patients and suppliers who do not go against state laws. The use of marijuana is, however, still not legal under federal law, which the administration of Bush strongly enforced. Medical marijuana shop has now become a large part of the economy. In some states – even with the fall of the industry’s expansion in the law’s gray area. In California, one of the state’s leading cash crops is marijuana. Also in Colorado, medical marijuana dispensaries are more than Starbucks locations by 3 to 1.

In some other states, like Oregon and New Mexico, more heavy regulations have reduced growth.

“It has not become a Wal-Mart type of business. But it has gone beyond a mom-and-pop sort of activity,” said a Havard University economist who is into the study of marijuana trades, Jeffrey Miron.

California was the first to decriminalize pot for the use of marijuana in 1996, producing an industry that increased very fast and retains its position as the most loosely regulated in the nation. The state has more superstores that grow marijuana and patients can get cards for cannabis which shows their eligibility to make use of medicinal marijuana, also as a tool for plant growth. Medical Marijuana Inc. located in Marina del Rey, is a publicly traded company that offers consulting services.


Also, a dispensary located in Oakland, Harborside Health Center. Dreams of establishing the first medical marijuana shop authorization in the nation. A dispensary is known as a place where growers that are state-approved, are regarded as caregivers. Can trade excess pot and ill people can purchase it by tendering their certification card.

However, the fast growth of the industry has prompted more states, which includes Colorado, to make their rules tighter. Some have also started getting taxes on the sales of medical marijuana. This has helped to regulate or lessen the number of medical marijuana businesses.

Colorado, which has up to 1,100 dispensaries. Asks owners of the facility to pay fees for licensing and follow the ordinances of local zoning. Said a spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project, Mike Meno.

Meno also added that some experts in the industry estimated the strict rules could lead to about 1/2 of the state’s dispensaries shutting down.

Mike Meno said, “The trend is that people are going to follow Colorado. They are going to realize you cannot have this industry operate in the gray area. People need to know what is legal and what is not.”