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Joint Rolling Techniques to Roll a Perfect Joint 10 Tips

Learning joint rolling is a right of passage for many cannabis users. However, this is a skill developed through time, patience, and practice.

Even when mastering the art of joint rolling, it takes up precious time and furthermore can leave a mess. This is why a joint roller or joint rolling machine is the perfect investment every stoner should make and best of all, you don’t have to break the bank to buy one.

We’ll be covering several popular joint rolling machines found online which allow you to easily roll joints in seconds. Of course, these joint rolling machines were intended for rolling cigarettes however their multipurpose use will still allow you to roll perfect joints or blunts.

You’ll also want to have a weed grinder handy to break up your bud. You can find a selection of weed grinders right here.

If you have joint tips you can also insert them into the machine. This is recommended as joint tips provide better airflow, keep your joints together, better value for weed since you’re not stuck with a roach and don’t turn into a slobby mess when passed around.

How Joint Rolling Machines Work

  1. Place our herbs or tobacco (or both) into the feed chamber.
    2. Place your rolling papers on the fill tip.
    3. Pull down on the lever which will shoot the herb into the rolling papers.

Voila! A perfectly rolled joint ready to be consumed. Usually, these devices have a rolling tray that will catch all excess weeds that may fall out.

Here are recommended joint rollers which you can purchase for as low as $10.

1. Zig-Zag King Size 100mm Cigarette Rolling Machine

Zig-Zag is a premium producer of rolling papers and its name has become synonymous with rolling papers as Kleenex is to tissues. For decades they have supplied stores across North America and now provide an ideal solution for rolling cigarettes and joints up to 10mm in size. This rolling machine will allow you to effortlessly roll perfect bats every time. Best of all it was only $10.


2. Zig-Zag Premium 70mm Rolling Machine

Another quality cigarette rolling machine by Zig-Zag makes the perfect joint easily and is suitable for 70mm rolling papers. This Zig Zag cigarette rolling machine opens out and the tobacco is spread evenly along the roller and then closed. The roller is then given a full turn, the paper is inserted and the roller is rotated to pull the paper in and then rolled again to produce the perfect roll-up. It really is that easy.


3. RAW 79mm Plastic Rolling Machine

If you’re looking for a portable joint roller that will last you a long time then the RAW rollers are a perfect choice. Unlike many rollers on the market, these have been built to last. Raw Rollers are made from eco-friendly plastic that is a blend of recycled plastics and hemp. This has been among the top-selling joint rollers in the cannabis community.


4. RAW Cone Filling Machine (King Size)

The RAW Cone Filler is one that is not ideal for those looking for anyone interested in a range of rolling options but for those looking to roll a perfect cone. It is designed to roll perfect RAW 1 1/4 cones every time and best of all only costs $10. Using the RAW Cone Filling Machine is easy – simply add your weed, and an empty cone, and this handy roller will make you the perfect smoke without any mess. It’s super easy to use and you can expect to roll a joint in under 1 minute. Also included with your purchase is a specialized packing tool for your convenience.


5. Powermatic 2

This joint rolling machine is a sophisticated device and technically a “cigarette injector” however can help you roll perfect joints as it does cigarettes. Simply insert your rolling papers and place your choice of weed into the filling chamber and the motor will take care of the rest. The Powermatic 2 is the second generation of this machine which includes a highly dependable motor and can work for both standard and kingsized papers. This device requires an outlet but truly automates the joint rolling process. Add your weed to the top try, add your rollies to the end of the metal tube, pull the lever, and BOOM!

A perfectly rolled joint. For those who don’t mind spending a bit more for a quality joint roller – you can typically find it for roughly $65. If you’re just rolling a couple of spliffs per week then you might want to consider a simpler device.


6. Juicy Jay’s Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine

If you’re looking to roll blunts instead of joints this is the joint roller for you. The Juicy Jay Blunt Roller is similar to the RAW and Zig Zag models mentioned above however can accommodate both blunts and joints. This product has received hundreds of reviews from happy customers. Works with rolling papers up to 4 3/4 inches long. To use, simply load the roller evenly with your favorite bud and spread it evenly. Feed the edge of the wrap in the closed machine and turn the wheels towards you for the perfect wrap. You can find the Juicy Jay Blunt Roller online for only $5 which makes it an ideal investment for any stoner.


7. Elements Rolling Machine

This is another joint roller that is small, portable, and very affordable. The Element Cigarette Rolling Machine is touted as the gold standard when it comes to tobacco rolling machines. It is designed for rolling papers up to 79mm. In just four simple steps you can roll a perfect joint. Even though this device can work with other rolling papers, it’s recommended to be used Elements rice-based rolling papers which burn slowly with minimal ash. Even if you don’t have experience using these devices, this one is fairly easy to use and you’ll be rolling perfect joints in no time.


8. Rizla Premier Metal Joint Roller

This joint roller is one of the most durable rolling machines as it’s made with a metal frame and sturdy construction. It functions similarly to the Zig Zag roller and is perfect for any stoner’s arsenal. The Rizla Joint Roller is ideal for up to 100mm rolling papers which can accommodate both regular joint and king-size papers.

The Rizla Premier machine opens out and the tobacco is spread evenly along the roller and then closed. The roller is then given a full turn, the paper is inserted and the roller is rotated to pull the paper in and then rolled again to produce the perfect roll-up. It really is that easy.


9. Tommy Chong King Size Cone Roller

This roller is branded by the iconic stoner Tommy Chong. A one-of-a-kind roller that allows you to effortlessly roll perfect cone-shaped joints every time as if Tommy Chong rolled it. Also similar to previous models such as the Zig Zag Roller except it rolls cones. If you’re a cone enthusiast this is a must-have. This one is a little pricier compared to similar machines which might raise the question that you may be paying for the Tommy Chong branding.


10. Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine

This is another cigarette injector as the Powermatic. This reliable and well-designed rolling machine is not portable but if you own a dispensary or roll large amounts of joints you’ll want to invest in the Top-O-Matic Rolling Machine. This machine lets you choose between king-size or cigarette 100’s. Using it is easy. Just slip the tube and pack with your favorite weed, select your size, pull the lever and this machine will do the rest. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily this injector machine works. This is one of the sturdiest rollers on the market and includes a 1-year warranty. While the Top-O-Matic Roller is more expensive than most rolling machines you can expect perfect rolls every time!