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White Gold is a very powerful hybrid cannabis strain and it contains quite high levels of THC. The White Gold strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid averaging 5% higher THC levels than its esteemed parents. The White Gold strain’s THC level usually sits at 20%, although it can reach a high of 25%. White Gold comes as a result of crossing the White Widow strain with the Himalayan Gold strain to create a 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid and retains very versatile effects. White Gold also has an incredible tropical flavor with hints of pineapple, mango, and earthy undertones. Users have a well-rounded experience and can benefit from this strain for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

Genetics: 60/40 IndicaTHC Content: 16-25%
Effects: Relaxing, Focused, HappyMedical Uses: Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Nausea

Let it be known that this Hybrid strain was initiated by Sensi Seeds. Sensi remains the gold standard for White Gold strain and the best of the bunch. This is not the most readily-available strain, but connoisseurs know where to find it – and they seek it out whenever possible, which is with us at GreenGanjaHome.com. We are the number 1 go-to place for this strain in the entire northern hemisphere. We sell both buds and feminized seeds and very affordable prices.


White Gold seeds should only be purchased from reliable seed banks. This beautiful strain needs to be put in a controlled environment as the White Widow lineage makes this quite a pungent strain.

Be careful when smoking any White Widow hybrids as the strain is notorious for coughing intensely. Himalayan Gold is also immensely potent which makes for a THC monster in White Gold.

White Gold strain is just one of the many strains that can proudly trace its lineage back to White Widow. White Gold strain is a well-balanced strain that is able to adapt to your mood and surroundings at the time and manages to retain many of the traits that make White Widow so accessible.

THC Content

As earlier mentioned the White Gold strain comes in at around 25 percent THC and no White Gold bud will ever be considered a weak strain.

This incredible strain is perfect for anything that you would want to do. This can be great to relax or to reduce fatigue if you have errands for the day. White Gold buds will put a smile on your face and can even help you tap into your creative side.

The CBD levels in this strain are nearly nonexistent although there are some trace amounts. Take time to enjoy this with friends as it can spark conversation and lead to a relaxing/enjoyable time.


White Gold strain is a versatile strain that can be enjoyed both during the day and in the evening, depending on the effects that you are seeking and the amount that you smoke. White Gold stands out from the crowd, as it is a uniquely adaptive strain with effects that very much alter to suit what you are currently doing. Smoking White Gold while enjoying a chilled-out evening indoors, you are much more likely to notice the indica-driven effects that leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Try White Gold during the middle of the day, however, while in an active and motivated mood, and it has more of an uplifting effect that helps to keep you alert and focused throughout the day.

At first, White Gold delivers an uplifting euphoria that’s motivating, stimulating, and able to help with focus and clarity. That’s followed by a slowly-developing calm that spreads through the body without seriously affecting the ability to think clearly and be productive.

Regardless of where and when you decide to smoke the White Gold strain, you are guaranteed to experience its euphoric mind high, which sweeps through your brain only a few short minutes after your first puff. Your mind is almost instantly cleared of negative and stressful downers, leaving behind positive, happy thoughts. What is nice about the White Gold strain is that while it does clear your mind, you are still able to stay focused and concentrate on more complex tasks. It is this unique blend of peace and focuses that make the White Gold strain an ideal strain to enjoy during the day, even when you have a long list of tasks ahead of you that have to be completed.


Users find that White Gold’s effects tend to come on more strongly depending on the activity you’re involved in. So those who want a lazy day on the couch will connect with deeply relaxing indica properties. A full-body high will accompany an uplifted feeling, leaving you calm but alert.

The mental effects slowly start to settle. And this is where your current surroundings and mood really start to determine your overall experience of White Gold’s High. The euphoric mind buzz can feel extremely motivating, as though anything is possible. And lead to a productive and energetic day. Equally, if you are feeling lazy and are in a comfortable setting with very little to do. The calm-headed feeling allows you to entirely relax and make the most of being able to work through deep and complex thoughts.

Medicinal users love the White Gold strain for the quick relief it provides when dealing with stress, anxiety, or chronic body pain. Those with poor appetites will find they can easily eat while high on this strain. And overall it provides medical patients with the key to completing a day that’s productive, functional, and pain-free. If you suffer from fatigue, PTSD, or migraines, get ready to have a normal day again!

When smoked in smaller doses, the White Gold strain causes your body to feel slightly numb and lazy but without actually causing you to feel sedated and unable to move. This is ideal for those times when your body feels tense and almost painful. And you are in need of something to take away the pain but do not want to be left feeling lazy and unable to leave the sofa.


The aroma White Gold cannabis strain does not hide from the world. And why should it? The White Gold weed strain confidently airs a scent that is both pungent and recognizable. The pungent aroma of White Gold is a shock to the system at first, but one that you quickly adjust to and might even enjoy after a while. White Gold buds give off a strong skunk smell even before being broken apart, grabbing your attention immediately. Grinding only makes for a stronger smell and one which is impossible not to notice.

The most obvious aroma will be the earthy tones, but a second whiff will indicate lemon, spice, and diesel hints. Perhaps a hint of what’s to come on the inhale? This mixture of earthy diesel and tropical citrus only adds to the allure. When smoked within a confined space, it might remind you of walking into a room where too many cleaning products have been used at once. And the room is overcome with citrus-smelling chemicals.


The initial flavor profile of the White Gold strain is rather confusing. With no specific flavors grabbing your attention, there are gentle notes of fruit and earth but nothing that really stands out on its own. As White Gold’s smoke travels down your throat. The taste starts to develop and you are able to pick apart the different flavors that are swirling around your mouth.

As the flavors hit your tongue, the first essential fruity taste turns out to be a lot better. And you can recognize the various tropical natural products that make up the flavors that first hit your taste buds. It is a close encounter to drinking a tropical drink without really understanding what organic products have been put into it. Puzzling over whether that note just got was a trace of Pineapple or one of mango.

As you breathe out, the tropical flavor leaves an almost cloying taste in your mouth. Which is mixed with an earthy, somewhat muddy undertone. As the flavors settle down, you are left with a slightly bitter fruity flavor; some people really enjoy this taste. While others find themselves reaching for a glass of water to wash their mouths out.


White Gold plants are smaller than most other strains. Both in terms of height and width, with long furry leaves that almost outgrow the rest of the plant. Leaves have a dark purple hue to them, giving the plant somewhat of a mysterious appearance.

This plant itself is quite extraordinary looking. With massive olive-jade nugs and dark amethyst leaves coated with amber pistils that give it a furry appearance. It is medium in width and height, but the colas are long and dense. These resin-covered colas give the plant a sticky, sugary appearance upon ripening. When exposed to colder temperatures, the nugs crystallize and turn purple, an indication of the strain’s potency.

Final Word

White Gold is a treasure in the cannabis community, aptly named. White Gold is a valuable asset for any marijuana user who wants a functional and delicious strain that packs a high THC content. Giving recreational and medical users the best of both Indica and sativa effects. It could easily become your favorite daily strain, let GreenGanjaHome.com be your go-to place for this amazing strain of impeccable uplifting high.