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Get a double dose of blissed-out euphoria thanks to this stoney strain. Creamy and sweet with notes of vanilla and dough, this Indica-leaning fusion of Oreoz and MAC blends a euphoric head rush with a melty, soothing body buzz.
30.21% THC</span> / 1.02% CBD</span>
Body Buzz
Cream, Dough, Sweet
Oreoz x MAC


Weight (oz)
Actual Weight 1oz
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Oreoz x Mac

Find your perfect chill with Double Stuffed M’Oreo, an Indica-dominant strain that promotes a deeply relaxed, sedating, and couch-locking effect. Specifically tailored for heavy Indica consumers, this strain is a potent ally for those seeking profound relaxation.

Enjoy the invigorating mix of minty, spicy, and citrus flavors that align beautifully with its aromatic profile. With its promise of deep relaxation and sedation, Double Stuffd M’Oreo provides a restful journey for those who appreciate the tranquil embrace of a potent Indica. Let the powerful calm of Double Stuffd M’Oreo be your retreat into a world of peace and tranquility.


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