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Pink Lemonade is an extremely tasty Indica-dominant Hybrid, which offers a wonderfully comfortable body high that’s not too sedative.




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Pink Lemonade is an extremely tasty Indica-dominant Hybrid, which offers a wonderfully comfortable body high that’s not too sedative.


Pink Lemonade is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis with mysterious genetics. Nobody knows where it came from. However, marijuana consumers do know that it’s high-quality stuff, offering a very relaxing and yet lucid high. It’s the kind of weed that chills you out, but doesn’t put you right to bed—the hint of sativa kicks everything up a notch very nicely. Also, it earns its name from a tart, sweet flavor it provides.

Pink Lemonade Experience

Let’s face it. Indicas can be great, but they can also be a little too sedative. You take a couple of tokes and then you’re unconscious.

Fortunately, that’s why we have Indica-dominant Hybrids like Pink Lemonade, which offer the chill of an Indica, but with the sparkle of a Sativa.

This marijuana has been tested from 12-22% THC, which is a surprisingly high range, so be aware of the content of your particular batch.

Upon consuming this cannabis, enthusiasts will notice that they’re lifting off slightly.  Everything will likely seem just a little bit shinier and brighter.

In other words, a head high will present itself, but not one that’s excessively cerebral. It’s more of a feeling of pleasure and focused cannabis energy.

Along with this, the enthusiast will feel anesthesia and relaxation, bundled into a pleasant body buzz. These two balance each other very nicely, combining into a comfortable marijuana halo that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Some reports have indicated that this weed’s high is a little shorter-lived than is standard with marijuana of similar strength. However, it’s not excessively brief.

Traits of Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade isn’t a particularly pretty marijuana. It’s composed of little clumpy dark green buds that almost resemble Brussels sprouts in contour, with a bit of dark purple coloration here and there.

The smell of this weed, however, is hugely attractive. It lives up to the name. This lady is tart, sweet, and smells strongly of various citrus: grapefruit, lemon, and lime. This candy-like smoke will have you coming back for more!

Medical Benefits of Pink Lemonade

  • Uplifting qualities of this cannabis are potentially useful for patients with mild depression or related mood disorders.
  • Very relaxing, which may prove helpful for those who suffer from stress or anxiety.
  • Anesthetic properties could have medicinal benefits for people with chronic aches and pains.

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60% Cotton, 40% Polyester


Regular fit – true to size


Thick jersey, sweat fabric


Machine wash


Thick jersey, sweat fabric


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