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Gorilla Cookies is a high-powered Sativa-heavy hybrid with an exotic taste and very promising therapeutic effects. A niche fan favorite.


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Gorilla Cookies is a high-powered Sativa-heavy hybrid with an exotic taste and very promising therapeutic effects. A niche fan favorite.

Despite its name, Gorilla Cookies isn’t a strain intended for simian consumption. Instead, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a heavy-duty mood-enhancer, which provides a relaxing. Bred from Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint, this herb inspires euphoric high that’s only a little on the drowsy side. This plant is quite obscure, but it’s definitely a cult favorite. With an exotic flavor and 20-26% THC content, the excitement about this plant is not surprising.

Gorilla Cookies Experience

This cannabis is neither particularly reminiscent of apes, nor of baked goods. Rather, Gorilla Cookies is one of those niche West coast therapeutic strains of marijuana.

It’s largely geographically limited. However, it pops up now and again elsewhere. This plant is definitely worth a try for enthusiasts who can find it, thanks to its sprawling, expansive head high.

This herb can provide excellent pain relief and relaxation. At 20-26% THC, it’s got the power to please hardened weed veterans. Yet, novices should treat it with caution and respect.

This is a marijuana that immediately hits you with an almost narcotic power. Consumers will feel cosmically floaty, and may observe a warm relaxation take over their system.

Any trace of stress will dissipate and mild-to-moderate pains will ease after some of this cannabis. Although a somewhat loose and drowsy body buzz will present itself, it won’t be accompanied by immediate sedation. This allows weed consumers to explore both their internal and external environment.

Fortunately for those who enjoy alternate cannabis consumption methods, this plant is available in both shatter and vape formats.

Traits of Gorilla Cookies

This cannabis is unusual in both appearance and taste. The buds are ultra-dense and quite pale, threaded with vivid orange pistils and decent trichome coverage. They’re fairly difficult to break up.

This plant’s aroma is minty, refreshing, and sweet, but also contains some lingering earthy skunk. On the palate, the smoke is decently smooth and almost has a mint chip flavor to it. This strain offers unique and delicious flower all around.

Medical Benefits of Gorilla Cookies

  • Has a mood-boosting effect that could make it suitable for patients dealing with milder forms of depression.
  • Powerful anti-anxiety properties of this cannabis perhaps helpful for patients with chronic stress and/or anxiety.
  • Widely reported to be highly beneficial in treating nausea.

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