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Searching for a strong yet stimulating bud? The Bay 11 strain is an award-winning sativa hybrid with an upbeat and focused attitude.


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Searching for a strong yet stimulating bud? The Bay 11 strain is an award-winning sativa hybrid with an upbeat and focused attitude.


Are you ready for a serious mood boost? The Bay 11 cannabis strain is an invigorating flower with an engaging and focused mental experience. Potent, this bud can produce up to 25 percent THC, making it a truly top-shelf-worthy strain. High-yielding with a unique berry-diesel taste, this strain is a daytime hybrid worth the extra dollar.

Bay 11 Experience

This is an award-winning marijuana strain for a reason. This upbeat sativa hybrid is fast-acting, providing a quick and sudden mood boost and ease of ease around the face and neck. Do you hold on to tension around the jaw and shoulders? The flower promotes a sense of ease and has a carefree attitude.

Often used to increase focus and inspire creative thinking, this plant works its magic on the mind. High-spirited and energetic, it is stimulating enough to be used in the morning. Yet, with high doses of this herb comes a much stronger sedative effect. So, to keep this strain light and productive, moderation is recommended.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in several different ways, including;

  • Bay 11 Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Bay 11 shatter, Bay 11 wax, and other Bay 11 concentrates may be available from several retailers.

Traits of Bay 11 and Bay 11 seeds

A 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner, this marijuana strain is an impressive flower. Bred by Ken Estes of Grand Daddy Purp, this high-powered herb features lanky and slightly bulbous buds with a thick coating of silver trichome crystals.

High in THC, the strain is known to express up to 25 percent of the psychoactive. While those with prior cannabis experience may love this flower, this plant is known to cause headaches and anxiety in high doses.

Seeds from this plant may be available online.

Medical Benefits of Bay 11

  • A popular selection for fatigue, this strain has stimulating properties that may be beneficial for those struggling with brain fog and tiredness.
  • A common choice for daytime pain relief, the plant may aid those suffering from inflammation, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and gastrointestinal pain.
  • This medicinal herb is also thought to be helpful for mental health ailments like depression, chronic stress, ADD/ADHD, and anxiety. Though, it’s best to consume this plant in moderation.

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